JCDecaux Transport

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Leading in the Outdoor Advertising Industry—JCDecaux Transport

 “JCDecaux Transport is everywhere in Hong Kong, covering in the MTR Corporation and the Hong Kong International Airport, you can see the shield of our outdoor advertising in the city.” said Ms. Shirley Chan, Managing Director, Hong Kong & Macau of JCDecaux Transport.

As the main subsidiary of the JCDecaux Group in Hong Kong, JCDecaux Transport (also known as JCDecaux Pearl & Dean Ltd) was established since 1976. Not only being the market leader in outdoor advertising in Hong Kong, it has also been managing the advertising sales concessions for the MTR Corporation for more than 30 years and the Hong Kong International Airport since 1998. Currently, advertising concessions for Airport Express, Pacific Place Passages, Ngong Ping 360 and Macau International Airport were also supported by JCDecaux Transport. In creating such large scales of projects, the company has over 200 employees and is the leading Out-of-home (OOH) company in Hong Kong.


The Forefront in Hong Kong Industry

JCDecaux Transport is the first industry to introduce the four generations of OOH industry in Hong Kong, namely the: PosterAds, FeatureAds, DigitalAds, and InteractiveAds. In these few years, JCDecaux Transport has been embracing different new uses of technologies, including interactive technologies and InteractiveAds solutions such as e-information, e-couponing, e-shopping, etc to encourage passenger’s engagement in 2013, while virtual shopping (eShop) in 20 MTR stations was developed in 2014. In 2015, the wide use of NFC and beacon in advertising solutions became emerging. As for 2016, digital media with dynamic content developments were emerged. And in 2017, fist-ever virtual wax figures interactive game made possible by beacon and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies were developed.

Nowadays, marketers embrace an all-encompassing medium that can fulfil customer’s decisions journey from awareness, preference, consideration and to purchase and experience. Thus, JCDecaux Transport is playing a leading role in OOH solutions provider in Hong Kong, the company is avant-garde in offering solutions to answer marketers’ needs in giving out Interactive (deployment of QR code, NFC, beacon, and U-tie Apps); O2O and Mobile-based experience (use of mobile and social media as complement to OOH advertising); and Experiential (VR and AR technologies based experience) initiatives in becoming part of the “All-dimensional” marketing solutions the company offered to their advertisers.

Opening the Lock behind Success

Innovation, Quality & Design, Reliability and Passion are the essences behind JCDecaux Transport’s success. The company defines a successful business as in “achieving and exceeding our goals in both revenue and leadership status while respecting people and caring for the society”. In addition, the uniqueness of reaching the passengers and citizens in Hong Kong through the MTR, the Hong Kong International Airport and the Airport Express had enabled both advertisers and visitors in experiencing the “All-dimensional” marketing solutions approach of the company. Apart from being successful in terms of profit-making or building a reputation in the industry, JCDecaux Transport is also committed to sustainable development within the company internally and to the society externally.

The Vision of Playing a Dominant Part in the Industry

Currently, advanced technological development is the key in various industries, not excluding the advertising sector. To stay in the forefront, JCDecaux Transport is paying great attentions in all hot topics like Digitalization, Interactivity (O2O), and viral messaging. The future agenda of the company includes expanding MTR network and the new developments of the Hong Kong International Airport. The company is wishing to grow the coverage of their OOH network, and to reach out to more passengers and visitors.

JCDecaux Transport is honored and proud to have received the Asia Business Achiever Award and the recognitions from the Award in the achievements towards outdoor media. “Being a leader and an innovator in the OOH industry, the company will continue to serve advertisers and marketers in Hong Kong and in the world” said Ms. Shirley Chan. The Award encourages the company to continue in pursing the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of outdoor advertising.

Visit the official website: http://www.jcdecaux-transport.com.hk/

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