Mr. Oishi Masakazu & Ms. Reiko Hoki

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The New Japanese Business Culture: Sustainable Development and Social Responsibilities

“Every dissension losses its importance and all problems can be smoothly solved when you have the ultimate common goal”
Mr. Oishi Masakazu and Ms. Reiko Hoki reveals the secret of perfect teamwork.

Mr. Oishi Masakazu and Ms. Reiki Hoki are founders of a Japanese company Change Master Co. Ltd which helps provide development strategies for small to medium size companies. They then co-founded the first Business Network International (BNI) in Shizuoka in August 2014 aiming to help business practitioners to expand their networks. Over the years, Oishi and Reiki have demonstrated unbeatable teamwork and have led their company to great success.

Partnership Started at the Perfect Opportunity

Mr Oishi and Ms Reiko first got to know each other twenty years ago when Reiko was the investment advisor of Mr Oishi’s company and was in charge in its assets management. The two became fit in quickly and shared common investment philosophy. They improved the company’s performance in stock market by 18 times in just a few years. Oishi and Reiki did not have further opportunities for cooperation even though they made outstanding achievement together. They continued to pursue their careers in different fields instead.

They met again in the Tokyo a few years ago when they both just left their work looking for other opportunities. Mr Oishi therefore though it was a perfect chance to invite Ms hoki for business cooperation. Eventually, they together started up Change Master Company Limited to provides business panning service to small to medium enterprises.

Building Unbeatable Teamwork Upon Ultimate Common Goals

Although Oishi and Reiki are good partners, disputes are sometimes unavoidable. When there are disagreements between them, Mr. Oishi is always willing to concede. He believes that every dissension losses its importance and all problems can be smoothly solved when they keep their ultimate common goals in mind all the time.

Recaling the biggest difficulty they have ever faced, it was the designed business plans failed to meet their expectations. Affecting by fast-changing economic and social factors, a business strategy worked for one company may not do the same for another. After years of experience, they found out that the most effective way is making collaboration, which combines the advantages of different companies.

Helping in Business Networking by Establishing BNI

Mr Oishi and Ms Reiko co-founded the first Business Network International (BNI) in Shizuoka in 2014. Their purpose is to help business practitioners to expand their business through networking and developing meaningful, long-term relationships with quality business professionals. They expect that the number of members to increase from 300 to 1800, the number of chapters to raise from 7 to 30 and the revenue generated by BNI members to surge from ten million to thirty within three years.

A Successful Business Should bare Social Responsibilities

In Japan, companies value sustainable business development the most. However, Mr.Oishi and Ms Hoki believe that social responsibilities are also critical for becoming a successful business. They mentioned that a Japanese company invented the alcohol detector after he had watched a news of traffic accident caused by drunk driving. It proves that the innovation purpose of new products development is not only to generate profit, but to also contribute to the society.

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